We need to talk…

emma-watson-hiding-maya-angelou-cute-hairyarmpitsblog“Are you a feminist?” Source: thecut.com

Recently I went to my French class (I am living in Paris, and still do not speak fluent French, I thought it was time to change that this year) and in it there are mostly women, and a few men from all over the globe.

When we reached the subject of feminism I was astounded and pleasantly delighted to find that, as the teacher asked ‘who here is a feminist?’ all of the class’s female occupants put their hands up.

This was something I had never seen before. I, naturally, shared this blog with them, and just as we were all leaving said I had never been around a group of so many women who believed in the same values of equality for women as me.

girls-talking-iceland-girltalk-hairyarmpitsblogGirls talking. Source: girltalkhq.com

After class, what one of the women said struck me as important: ‘I never really talk about it with other women.’

And neither do I.

How crazy is that? The only way that we can spread the idea of equality is surely through talking about it.

So that question, ‘are you a feminist?’ can open up worlds of support and inspiration, that would otherwise be closed off from us. Some of my closest friends are highly intelligent and inspiring women, and yet I have never asked them this simple question.

I have mostly spoken only to men about the subject, but hardly ever to women…

Well, I think it’s about time we start, don’t you?!


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2 thoughts on “We need to talk…

  1. Three questions:
    What do you mean by “feminism”?
    Did any of the men put up their hands?
    Why have you never discussed it with other women?
    I have to say your experience is not mine; I have found it being discussed by women with women, with mixed company and, of course with men, over the past 50 years or more. The sad thing is that it is still a subject for discussion.


    1. Good question, the men didn’t put up their hands, they spoke about wanting equality for the sexes later, but seemed to feel uncomfortable, as there was almost a social pressure in that situation. By feminism I mean wanting equality between all genders… I have discussed it a little with one woman, I’m not really sure why I haven’t discussed it with women. But I’m interested in pondering that question. Yes, it’s true.

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