I am looking for a feminist designer

hairy armpits I am looking for a designer feminist AF t-shirtFeminist sweats. Source: Etsy via pinkboxstudio

Hey guys and gals,

I am wanting to create some super cool t-shirts with someone!

I am needing to make money, yes, and also really wanting to have people become a walking advert for feminism and all these lovely things we are talking about here on the Hairy Armpits Blog.

I’m hoping for someone who ‘gets’ the style that I am looking for and is kinda cool. No office politics here, just friendship and respect. I will never talk to you like a computer and we can sort out pay afterwards – whether that be a flat rate per design, or a little bit of money in for you each time a t-shirt is purchased.

I need someone who:

  • is confident in designing logos and images/text for t-shirts
  • likes what they do
  • respects deadlines (or ignores them, but essentially gets the work done, because they care, too)
  • has some training in this area, either self-trained or otherwise
  • ideally has less experience, so we can grow together – if you KNOW you have potential but no one else is giving you a chance, I am especially interested in working with you.
  • likes the idea of making my ideas into a reality, along with having the freedom to try out their ideas, providing I’m on board

…I mostly need someone who cares about the same things as me (equality, peace, humanitarianism, gender, the environment and hairy armpits) so we can make something awesome together and make some dough!

If you know someone who might be right for this position, share this post and I’ll see if we can get  them on board. If you’re interested in this position yourself, please contact me via my facebook page, or via elunedmurphy@outlook.com, thanks!

Love you!

Ellie xx

p.s. you don’t have to have hairy armpits to apply 😉


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