Ten hot men that are feminists

I was searching for some feminist inspiration, and noticed some guys standing up for women’s rights. And any guy who believes in equality and is #heforshe is instantly more attractive to me.

So, here we go:

  1. Ryan Gosling

ryan-gosling-she-knowsSource: sheknows

2. Matt McGory

matt-quote-on-feminism-matt-mcgorry-39280485-650-455actorSource: fanpop

3. Daniel Radcliffe

daniel-radcliffeSource: imgrum

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Source: takepart

5. Patrick Stewart

love-patrick-stuartSource: Pinterest

6. Prince Harry

hairy armpits prince harry.jpegSource: sheknows

7. The Dalai Lama

hairy armpits dalai lama quote best-quotes-about-feminism-from-male-celebs-his-holiness-the-dalai.jpegSource: sheknows

8. John Legend

hairy-armpits-blog-john-legend-pinterestSource: Pinterest

9. Aziz Ansari

feminist-quote-29-picture-quotes-aziz-ansariSource: picture quotes

10. Will Smith

hairy armpits hot men quotes-feminist-male-will-smith.jpgSource: sheknows

11. Jay Baruchel

best-quotes-about-feminism-from-male-celebs-jay-baruchel.jpegSource: sheknows

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