For the Naysayers


for the naysayers hairy armpits india_gender_justice_equality_women_equal_asia_human_rights_international_aid_opt.jpgEquality? Source: The Borgen Project.

I don’t usually write anything negative on here. I don’t like to give it the space. But this one’s for my sanity.

Whilst researching for this blog, I find many many comments of the same ilk appearing. Below videos that I am often very excited about, I scroll down (I know I shouldn’t!) and find comments that sting. Comments saying things like ‘feminists are selfish’ – ‘they have no idea what they are talking about, their claims are false’.

When a women feels upset because of a perceived inequality, she is told that this perception is wrong, that it does not exist. She has no proof. I decided to find the proof. The response to that recurring question; ‘name one way women are unequal in this society?’:

Here is the Plan International report on girls inequality 2015

Some stats on the gender pay gap

Findings on all sorts of issues by the LSE Commission

The world average of women in government is 22% (2016), things are moving forwards, just pretty slowly.

Some depressing figures from Rape Crisis just about the UK. The number of women the most often mentioned is 1 in 3 will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes. Great.

15 million girls are married underage every year

Can be self-full all year round 😉 Source: The Tube

The ‘these women are selfish’ argument. -If I am selfish for caring about my human rights and equality, then great! I do not advocate the use of names to put anyone down. But I am happy to be as ‘self-full’ as I possibly can. I think having a world in which women are more self-full is a wonderful idea, isn’t it?!

‘She’s weak’. I see fighting for your own human rights, for other women’s human rights, as beautifully brave. When I see people fighting for LGBT rights, or Black rights. Man, isn’t that admirable? All these people across the world caring about their lives, caring for others and saying, no, this will not do, you cannot treat me this way?

‘We don’t need feminism… she’s just acting the victim.’ Please see the facts and figures above!

‘Men have problems, too!’ I don’t see this one so often. And I am most happy to see it. Yes, you do! -Women want to be heard just as much as men – and if we can start a discussion about both gender’s problems, maybe we can all help each other out. -After all isn’t that what equality is all about?

hugs-giphyHugs. Source: giphy

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Now maybe when I see one of these comments I will simply be able to breath, remember my life purpose, remember my beating heart and spirit, and move on with love for the person who does not ever need to agree with me.

If you feel moved to give me a gift, I thank you in advance. Let me know when you do if you like, I would love to connect with you! ❤

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