In response to… The Women’s Equality Party

in-response-to-the-womens-equality-party-hairy-armpits-blog-weThe Women’s Equality Party. Source: Empowering.Hearst

First of all, how have I not heard of this?!

The idea of women coming together who all believe in the same thing – equality – is an idea I have thought about since the start of my blog. I knew it would be the way forward in terms of having a momentous amount of energy and power behind the idea of equality. Only I had no idea how that would or could happen. Now I know- it’s in the ballot box!

I am very happy to see this and to see that Sandi Toksvig is a key player in supporting the party. I am happy about that because a lot of people already know who she is. And we like her. And we like QI. I am also happy because she is someone I can trust and get behind.

Seeing the leader Sophie Walker, talk about the support they have already had brought me to tears because I could see the passion I have been feeling whilst writing my blog in her speech. It helped me know that I am not alone, not a single voice calling into the empty hollow void of the internet, but can stand united with many women and men who believe that equality for everyone is the best thing for all.

They have so far received a lot of support (65,000 members and supporters), and the reassuring thing is this is just the beginning. Now the party exists, I am confident it will continue to grow, and to help raise the issue of equality.

Already other Politicians are jumping on the bandwagon, realising they might lose voters if they don’t at least show some interest in women’s rights. While their motivation for this may not be purely in the interest of women, and mostly in the interest of their own power, this is encouraging in and of itself.

in-response-to-the-womens-equality-party-hairy-armpits-blog-celebrating-minions-wallpaper-2981Minions. Source: WallpaperMade

What can I say? It’s a great day for feminism, and is something to be celebrated, that this is becoming a mainstream debate. Despite challenges in becoming a female politician, and many name calling commenters on Youtube, these women are standing up for what they believe in and speaking out for women’s rights.

They could be likened to the Martin Luther King or Mahatma Ghandi of this age. Because in the face of it, they are standing tall and beside us, taking a lot of sh*t for what they believe and I support them 100%.

Comedian Jo Brand and Caitlin Moran, author of How to be a Woman, and many other awesome women (and men) support the campaign, and you can, too!

IF you do support them in heart, please support them in pocket too, if you can. I only say this because they only get their funding off of people like you and me. And when political parties win, it is usually those who have spent the most money. So if all women and men who believe in equality can offer a little amount, then in the long run, it could have a hugely positive effect on all our futures. They even offer reduced membership if you’re hard up.

in-response-to-the-womens-equality-party-hairy-armpits-blog-woman-holding-glowing-world-peaceful-patternsWoman holding glowing world. Source: Peaceful patterns

Other things we can do are vote WE on May 5th 2017, go to a local march, support them online and watch this movement spread throughout the world.

It is time for women to inherit the earth, and their slice of the cake.

Sophie Walker’s Leadership Speech. Source: The Tube

How do you feel about this idea, this movement? Excited? Let me know in the comments!

If you feel moved to give me a gift, I thank you in advance. Let me know when you do if you like, I would love to connect with you! ❤

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