Sexual Empowerment pioneers

Following on from my theme last week, here are some women who will get you feeling good about empowered female sexuality:

Amy Jo Goddard, Sex Educator

Amy teaches young girls and women that they are not sexually broken.sexual pioneers hairy armpits blog amy jo goddard asking for what you want.jpgAmy. Source: asking for what you want

“The more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings.”

Dita Von Teese, Burlesque Artist

Burlesque as we have seen, can have a positive effect on body image, but it also ties in with feeling a new kind of sexy that empowers women.

dita-mamzelle-kitkatDita. Source: Mamzelle

“Burlesque is turning exploitative to empowering – because it is using a woman’s fantasy.”

Sara Luckey, Bluestocking Magazine Editor

Do what you want to do – whether it’s sleep with a lot of people, or not – that is the sexually empowered you.

missbluestocking1896Bluestocking mag. Source: Edward Penfeld

“… while we’re trying to reach a point where all women feel sexually liberated, it’s important to keep in mind that that’s different for everybody, and there’s more than one way to feel empowered in your choices.”

Christina Aguilera, Singer

Not only is she one awesome singer, she advocates women’s sexuality!

sexual-empowerment-pioneers-hairy-armpits-christina-aguileraChris. Source: crackberry

“I think women are sensual, beautiful beings, and I feel empowered when I express myself sexually.”

Shereen El Feki, Journalist and Author

Tells a story of how sex can be free’er, how we can be liberated to love safely – to choose our partners and experiences.

shereen glamour paris.jpgShereen. Source: Ted

“The political and the sexual are intimate bedfellows, no matter where we live and love.”


Pamela Madsen, Divine Goddess Movement

Pamela Madsen holds retreats and sessions for women to embrace their bodies and their sexuality. She is divinely flirty.

Pamela_Madsen_Lori_Berkowitz_3.jpgPamela. Source: Pamela Madsen

“The sexually empowered woman can not only feel fully, she can bring that energy into all of her life’s endeavours. It’s powerful. You become a force of nature.”

Beyoncé Knowles, Singer

While debated by the media for her feminist status, Beyoncé is without a doubt, empowered in her sexuality.

hairy armpits blogbeyonce .pngBeyoncé. Source: We heart it

“I don’t at all have any shame about being sexual, and I’m not embarrassed about it, I don’t feel like I have to protect that side of me, because I do believe sexuality is a power that we all have.”

Maya Angelou, Poet

Just this line… I dance every time Maya!

“Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise that I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?”


Why I Dance

This is really beautiful – an expression of womanhood, self-expression, sexuality and individuality all in one.

Why I Dance from Why I Dance Film on Vimeo.

“What started as pole fitness has become a journey that changed the way we think about ourselves and other women; we learned to better love ourselves, love our bodies and to take back the power of our sexuality.”

What do you think? Anyone women who inspire you to feel good in your own empowered Goddess-like sexuality? Let me know in the comments!

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