Happy Vagina Day!

happy-vagina-day-hairy-armpits-blog-i-love-my-vaginaVagjj Love. Source: The Odyssey Online

V-Day is a global activist movement for violence against women, founded by Eve Ensler, celebrated on the most loved up day of the year.

Here’s why I love the idea of this day :

Firstly, it’s perfect to have another focus if you’re depressed and wanting a focus to accompany any ice cream eating you may be doing 😉

Secondly, it accompanies nicely the idea of loving and wholesome relationships, where the vagina just became a temple at which to bow to and to love,

And thirdly, just having one day where we take a moment to reflect on any violence committed towards women (and men) and grieve that pain, and to remember that there’s always a new year where we can improve matters. Work on shaping our culture so that sexual violence is thrown into the light of day.  And to reduce the amount of violence that happens in this coming year.

It is my wish for all of us – love to our vajujus.

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