In response to… the people ban

in-response-to-the-people-ban-world-drawing-ursula-carrelOur world. Source: Ursula Caruel

Well, this is no surprise.

Let’s be honest, anyone who thought Trump was a bad idea to be in charge of a country, knew that there were going to be hard times ahead. The view I like of this was offered by Teal Swan:

“When your house is burning down, put on your sunglasses”

hairy armpits why not to join the army cool lady sunglasses

Cool pacifist. Source: Pinterest

What I like about this statement is the way she has detached herself from the pain. She said she is making her arrangements in response to this change. I believe that instead of focusing on all the destruction, all we can do is to focus on the cure, on unity and loving each other. Yes, we have to love each other harder than ever before.

And we each need to decide what we want to do in response. It’s not about imagining it doesn’t exist or never feeling pain, especially in difficult times, it’s about using our own individual power to decide how we will react and interact with this world right now.

“Don’t wrestle with the pigs. You will get muddy and the pigs will love it!”

in-response-to-the-people-ban-hairy-armpits-pig_wrestlingWrestling pigs. Source: KMRG weather

The less energy we can give to all the chaos, the better (as in, don’t wrestle with the pigs when you don’t have to!) because any energy given to hate and violence will only help it to grow, and help others to give that more attention.

Trump got into power by people being more focused on him than on Hilary – he was very good at creating talk about himself. Now (more than ever in this age of the internet) people talking about things and being enraged gives someone good at creating things to talk about – huge power. So, I’m saying, before you click that link, made to tick you off, or before you begin a rant about how bad whoever is, just remember, you are giving them more airtime, in your life, and in others.

I’m not saying don’t be aware of what’s happening (that would be difficult to do even if you did stop looking at the internet or the news!), BUT, I am saying, begin focusing on the things that really matter, because the longer you bang on the drum of ‘I hate Trump’ or whatever, the longer hate will be enjoying the warmth of your energy.

Let’s warm up love today, instead. Give to someone. Give to someone who has been ‘banned’. Love yourselves and others even more than you thought possible. Reach out a hand and let them know you are there.

 Be there.

 In response to... hairy armpits world in hands inner michael.jpgOur world. Source: inner michael

Now is the time to choose:

Love or fear?

Unity or separation?

Despair or Hope?

Please choose wisely, it might just change the world.


Xavier Rudd. Source: The Tube

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