In response to… Standing Rock

beaut-standing-rock-natgeographicSunset. Source: National Geographic Society

I support all those brave people at Standing Rock. They are protecting their land- our land. And they are standing for much more than one stretch of land that they hold dear – they are standing for every bit of land on this earth.

They are taking a stand for all of the ways our earth has been abused so far, and how it must end now, before we ruin it completely.

in-response-to-standing-rock-artnetnewsSign. Source: artnet News

They are taking a stand for our human rights. Our right to have an opinion about something and let it be known, and to feel our own power. And that we do not just have to lay down and die every time someone in power snaps their fingers.

They are making sacrifices for all of us. I respect that and I value that. I honour them here.

They have been attacked by the police, arrested for peaceful protest and have dealt with freezing cold weather.
in-response-to-standing-rock-educationpostJustice. Source: education post

Their actions make me proud to be a human being and give me hope for the future. So their being there means a lot to me. Anyone that wants to join them could be showing a great coming together of solidarity and strength in this time that has been difficult at best.

These people are the light in the darkness, and any way we can support them, by turning up, by donating to keep their supplies going, or simply sharing their message can all help to make this story real and remembered, that they are still out there now, fighting for the land. Our land.

in-response-to-standing-rock-outside-magazineHorse. Source: Outside Magazine

To the people at Standing Rock – stay strong, and thank you.

#staystrong #sacredwater

Spirit Bird. Source: The Tube


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