Christmas Glitter Beards

Beard lights. Source: boredpal

It’s coming close to Christmas. That can mean only one thing: It must be time for glitter beards.

You’re welcome.

xxmas-plain-magazineGay beards. Source: plain magazine

glitter-beards-christmas-tip-top-tensSparkly. Source: tip top tens


Sparkles. Source: some ecards

Snow is falling…

fashion-tag-blog-xmas-beardBeaut. Source: fashion tag blog

All around me…

Gold. Source: Aragna

children playing…

christmas-beard-mignewsGreen. Source: mignews

having fun…

christmas-beard-magical-mystery-morning-the-tubeGood Mythical Morning. Source: The tube

how I wish that, I had a glitt-er beard!

christmas-beards-lava-mind Snowman. Source: incredibeard

Merry Christmas, everyone!

christmas-beards-hot-youtubeSanta. Source: The tube

And a Happy New Year!…

happy-new-year-beard-cambioFireworks. Source: cambio

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