Anxiety, jealousy, depression: It’s not who you are

Ok, so I am stealing this off a friend of mine, a three principles practitioner… this wisdom is just too good to keep to myself.

David Bowerman three principles not who you are.jpgMy friend, Dave. Source: david-bowerman

Last night I explained a problem I was having in which I felt jealous of someone.  And this is what he said to me about my worries: “It’s not who you are.” The jealousy, while being an emotion I feel, is not me. It’s a transient feeling that I felt. And it doesn’t define me.

I also suffer with anxiety and suddenly I realised – I am not my anxiety, and I am not my anxious thoughts, either! … Which led me to the conclusion that I am not an ‘anxious person’, as I had once thought.

monkey-mind-heather-gorhamMonkey mind. Source: Heather Gorham

These moments of stress happen to all of us. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do about them. But once you’ve felt that stress – knowing the fact that it doesn’t define you forever – is redeeming.

It’s not about denying that you feel anxious. It’s about knowing that, it really doesn’t matter.

nothing-hapennedNothing. Source: ironbridgefurniture

“Until mind says something happened, nothing happened.” Mooji

And then this can also apply to things people say or do around us. Life can knock you down, but how do you take it? Do you think it’s about you? Or just a new direction to take you in? Is it only meaningless pain, or do you prefer to see a purpose to the pain, or a lesson to be learnt?

… So if someone rejects you, or you don’t get the job you want, or you’re broke, you’re body is in ill health right now, these labels do not define who you are.

What does is deeper than that. It’s the true you.

videezy-lightLight. Source: videezy

Ultimately, we’re not the avatars we create. We’re not the pictures on the film stock. We are the light that shines through it. All else is just smoke and mirrors.

Jim Carrey

We are the peace we feel when walking through the forest on a snowy day, the calm after meditation, the sleepy feeling when it’s warm under the covers in the morning. That is the light shining through.

And we are insights, and doing what naturally occurs to us.

Even the pain of anxiety is leading us towards ourselves, because it points us in the direction of what we want.

Oprah realises who she is. Source: The Tube

“All trial stands outside of yourself.”


We are the person observing the feeling of calm, or anxiety. We are the calm once the storm is gone. The feeling of home within us.

ooo-peaceful-skySky. Source: paper4pc

“It is not who you are.” – It made me remember. We are not the clouds. We are the sky.

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