Soldiers are human, too


Soldier and boy. Source: wow amazing

This is a post I thought I would do as most soldiers and the general population are encouraged to see other soldiers through the lens of enemy images.

This is why the press will call the ‘other guy’ names, and will make them seem less than human. This way, when we are riled up enough and scared enough of them, so then (in theory),  it’s ok if we kill these people who are: just, like, us.

So, in response to the dehumanising messages – this is the other side of war.

The cute side.

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-kitten-awwwSoldier and kitten. Source: boredpanda

Soldiers like kittens…

soldiers-are-humans-too-so-cute-hairy-armpitsSoldier and kitten. Source: boredpanda

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-kittenSoldier and kitten. Source: whyzat

And dogs…

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-ukranian-soldier-redditUkranian Soldier and his pup. Source: reddit

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-marines-puppy-earth-pormPuppy with marines. Source: officialhuskylovers

They care for children…

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-man-with-childSoldier with child. Source: Pinterest

so-cute-pinterestMaking the girls laugh. Source: pinterest

sweet-picture-soldier-and-children-press-examinerLet’s be friends. Source: press examiner

soldiers-are-human-too-afgan-soldier-with-young-childAfghan soldier protects crying child. Source: emlii

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-woman-and-little-girl-ndu-eduSoldier and little girl. Source:

soldiers-are-human-too-jordanian-soldier-warms-syrian-refugee-babys-handsJordanian soldier warms Syrian refugee baby’s hands. Source: huffington post

And they are not afraid to cry…

soldiers-are-human-too-beautiful-soldier-criesShellshocked and smoking. Source: last resistance

soldiers-are-human-too-us-soldier-criesUS soldier crying. Source: flickr

soldiers-are-human-too-soldier-cries-with-his-brotherCrying. Source: pinterest

soldiers-are-human-too-cryingSource: pinterest

soldiers-are-human-too-soldier-cryingSource: standtall4pts

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-group-crying-beforeitsnewsSource: before it’s news

Often innocent women and children are killed in action, but I cannot believe after looking at these photos that any soldier was ‘naturally’ born to kill. I believe they were naturally born to love. That is why training to kill must become an automatic and learnt response.

It has been hard for the army to work out how to get people to kill people. Because they instinctually don’t want to kill their brothers and sisters.

My hope is that, if we can all continue to see the humanness in all of us, then we eventually will find, no one even wants to practice killing. Only love.

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