Inspirational Women: Victoria Wood


Victoria Wood. Source: Manchester Evening News

This is a post I wanted to write a few months back, but honestly, I was so sad to hear of her passing that I couldn’t bring myself to write it.

That day was one where I just gave up on trying to do anything, and just lay in bed and watched her sketches.

So, here it is, my dedication to Victoria Wood, and why I think she is an inspiration to all:

She Knew No Boundaries

vic-and-ggboWinning CGBBO. Source: theexpress

Victoria Wood began playing the piano when she was a young girl.

She wrote a Bafta winning film. And a comedy series, or two.

And stand-up shows.

And songs.

Basically, her creative cup runneth over, and then some. She even won celebrity bake off.

I love the way she was never restricted in her work. (She did not say ‘oh, I’m a comedian, so that’s it.’ No, she was free to do what she wanted. And to show herself in each show.)

She Was a Pioneer for Female Comedians

_89358993_victoria_wood_young_gettyYoung Victoria. Source: bbc

Whether intentional or not, in following her passion for comedy, Victoria made it possible along with other amazeballs trail blazers, to be female, and to be a stand-up comedian.

“In my 20s I was going round seeing agents who were patronising because I was fat and a girl, which was a double whammy.”

She Was Dedicated to Her Art


Victoria followed her passions and her heart. When she was talking about being a comedian, she admitted that touring was not something that really came naturally to her. And yet, because she felt drawn always, to comedy, she kept doing it, even though she admitted herself, she wasn’t sure why, in her humble way.

When she created the masterpiece that is Dinnerladies, not unlike the making of Fawlty Towers, the work was exhausting. The cast were working long hours and performing the tv series live onstage, just so she could edit out any parts that didn’t work.

She Stretched Her Comfort Zone

When she first began stand-up, she was so nervous, she began at first by hiding behind the piano, and doing her set. Next, she stood behind the mic. And finally, she learnt to walk freely across the stage. This shows how anyone can learn to take these kinds of risks. How anything we do can eventually be developed into something better, with a little time.

She Showed Human Vulnerability at Its Best

Swim the channel. Source: The Tube

Like many sensitive types- artists and writers, and comedians, Wood saw what many of us can easily miss in people. Their vulnerable ambitions, their well-meaning attempts at fitting in, and the tragedy in the comedy of it all.

Subtlety seemed to be her middle name, capturing the human existence in such a caring and understanding way through her characters, all the while making us laugh.

And She Was Unique…

An Audience with Victoria Wood, Dec 1988
Fun. Source: stephaniepomfrett

She was someone who was exceedingly herself, to the point where people didn’t know what to make of her. She stood for the ‘otherness’, for the geeks, for the outsiders. The people who do this in life give us the permission to do that, too.

“It’s not the people who were chosen for the netball team who are great stand-up comedians- it’s the spotty, specky lard-arsed people.”

Victoria Wood has made me laugh and cry through her work. I am writing this in celebration of her life. I am also writing this for all women who have been drawn to comedy, but never dared to do it. I’m saying: you can do it! You can do it for yourself, and please, do it, for all of us! Because the world can always do with some laughs.

And in memory of one of the greats of comedy, Victoria Wood, I will leave you with this…

Let’s do it. Source: The Tube

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