In response to… 16:37pm

in-respone-to-1637-rebecca-amsellen-les-glorieuses-hairy-armpitsRebecca Amsellem from Les Glorieuses. Source: BBC

Something to shout about. French women inspiring women everywhere.

It all began in Iceland when when decided that they would walk out of the office the minute that stopped being paid the same amount as men for the work they were doing.

Yesterday (7 November 2016), women all across France packed up their bags at 16:37 and left the office to protest the fact that from that moment on – for the rest of the year – they would be working for free.

Men would not put up with this sh*t, and nor should we. Good on you, ladies.

strong-women-intimidate-boysChique. Source: rebelsoulco

I am just waiting excitedly for this craze to spread to Britain, where, as chance would have it, the gender pay gap is around the same as in France, at around 18% difference in pay. F*ck me that’s a lot.

A protest in Britain would have all CEO’s with the name John (which, btw, is more than the  sum amount of women in higher management positions), shaking in their boots.

Sorry, John.

You know what, I like John. I really do.

I also really like any woman who is going to take a stand and say; ‘John, I love you and all, but this isn’t good enough, and I want to be respected and treated in this workplace as a man would be, and that can start with equal pay, thank you very much.’

So that’s my two cents. Or four, depending on the time of year I wrote this. 😉

strong-women-hairy-armpits-life-hack#strongwomen. Source: lifehack

What do you think? Should women have equal pay? Is it that clean cut? Do you know John personally and can tell me what a hell of a swell guy he is?! As always, let me know in the comments!

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