Editorial Note: Finding peace

Editorial note finding peace browsing books

Finding Peace. Source: Pinterest

Let me explain why I think it’s important to write about peace…

When I was working as a Bookseller in Waterstone’s book store, a thought occurred to me. Looking at the history sections, I considered how much of the shelf space was taken up by books about war. Then I wondered, where is the section on peace?

If we were to have a section on peace, and a larger one than the war section, then perhaps there would be more peace than war in the world. I know this is a simplistic way of looking at it, but this is how I saw it. The amount of shelf space each book took up showed in physical form our focus and our values are as a collective. It represented a collective consciousness, knowledge and focus we share, as a nation, and the world.

That’s is why I decided to begin writing about peace, so that our focus, can change. So that the peace section is just as big as war. And that the possibility of peace blooming with this new focus can be expand each day.

Knowledge is power. Focus creates reality. And peaceful thoughts lead to peaceful actions.

This is why I am recording my thoughts on peace in this blog. So that we all have a chance of finding peace.

editors note finding peace heart

Land Love. Source: inhabitat


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