10 reasons you don’t need a brazilian…


Warning: This is a rude post with adult content. There IS a rude picture at the end of this post. But no vaginas with eyes this time. Sorry.



mljOk, so, last week I wrote a blog post in which I gave only the reasons to have bushes or brazilians. I gave a neutral view, implying that both are equal. That there is only a difference in style.

But I think I was just wishing that was the case. Covering up the ugly truth, holding back, But now I’m going to share. because I care:img-thingThis post is about caring for my fellow women. My sisters. The young women that already get enough sh*t pushed down their throats from adverts and music videos, tv shows and films.

I’m talking to the young girls and women who are told they are ugly and mocked on social media for having hair that naturally grows down there. I’m talking to the girl who is embarrassed when her friend mocks her for having hair. I’m talking to the women who watched Samantha on sex in the city shaming Miranda for having not dealing with her hair ‘situation.’ Or those who saw Cameron Diaz tell of how she held down her friend in order to cut off her embarrassing 70’s bush.

I’m talking about all of that.

Because it pisses me off.

nb It’s not that I dislike the look of brazilians. I do. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.


This isn’t just about sex, or what’s the best next look for your vag. It’s about the many reasons to re-consider booking that all important waxing appointment next month. Here’s why:


  1. It hurts.

Yep, when you get up on that table, you are getting the hairs pulled out of one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And that hurts. Not only that, it leaves hundreds of little cuts too small for you to see on your special area.

  1. It is not so hot down there.

It itches. It chafes. It means you’re more likely to get infected. It means you’re more likely to get herpes. Or boils. Or a rash.

  1. It’s expensive.

The average American woman now spends around $10,000 on this sh*t during her lifetime. Now that’s a lot of money. Imagine we all had full grown pussy’s and reinvested the money in something that doesn’t cause that much pain?!BikiniWax1260373387

  1. It’s long-lasting.

If you continually get waxed, you will find it harder to grow back your beautiful bush. Some women even get it lazored off down there. This brings up images in my mind of James Bond and a crazy bald man with a cat laughing hysterically at a woman tied to a table.Goldfinger (1964)

  1. It affects other women.

The more normal something becomes, the more others will want to do it. The more it becomes expected.

It leads to unshaven women questioning themselves: should I wax, because everybody else does? Am I less likely to have sex with hair? Will I shock a guy if I HAVE hair?

Which is why some beauty parlours are offering waxes for 11 year olds now. Which is why the phrase ‘virgin wax’ is being thrown about. So that you can get in there early.

  1. It’s unfair.

Most guys are waxed in porn, just like women. But you don’t see the average man rushing to the beauty parlour, begging for a wax.

A lot of women choose to go through this agony for sexytimes. If men did something equally stupid and painful, then perhaps it would be more fair. But I don’t believe in creating more pain for both sexual partners, do you? sumo-mismatch

  1. Waxing can mean you feel insecure.

Let me explain. I’m not saying everyone who waxes is insecure. Of course not. But I imagine that any woman who is doing this ONLY for a guy, for her friends, for what society tells her is ‘pretty’, then I would hazard a guess that she is unlikely to have the highest of self-esteem. Who does when you’re not doing something for yourself?

When I hear a woman saying she ‘hates her hair’, I feel really sad. Because no one needs to hate their body. My hope is that all women can love their bodies. That one day, I won’t even feel the need to have this conversation, because women’s bodies will be so far off topic that people will look and me, and say, ‘that’s so trivial, why are you even worrying about it? -Women know they are awesome.’ Because when we talk about women, we will only talk about intelligence, politics, business, world leaders, music, literature…

  1. It can mean you feel a lack of autonomy.what-is-culture-dave-gray

If you feel pressurised to wax, or you are not exactly sure why you are doing it, consider why. Because if you can say, hand on heart, you choose to wax for you, without a hint of,  ‘when I wax I feel sexy, because I think I am sexy, because I have been told it’s sexy,’ then awesome, go for it; I’ll hand you the razor myself.

Otherwise, take a moment before you get back on that table to endure another gruelling round. Because if you really don’t fancy it, you don’t need to. Loving you, first, before any man, or friend, or neighbour or soap show, is your right, and I’m hoping that every single woman reading this post, knows this.

  1. It’s your body, not his.

If a guy believes he owns your body, he is mistaken.It’s fine to state a preference, but a dude that demands you change? That’s not cool. Do you really want to be with someone who can’t accept you for you?

After all, love isn’t dependant upon a set of rules. Love is about appreciating the person for who they are. And being able to love yourself, too. And if they do not love who you are, they are not worth your time. Simple.

  1. It feels dirrrty, and not in a good way.

When women say they wax to feel ‘clean’, they are implying their natural hair is ‘dirty.’

It’s not. Having hair can be very sexy. I will show you in my next post. 😉

So, dear reader, despite all of the crap that is hurled at you, stay strong and please,  for the love of God, do what you want with your own bodies. If you don’t like how much waxing hurts, then don’t succumb to some dumb man, or woman, or celebrity, telling that you have to. There are so many reasons you can have fun and try whatever the hell you want to with your pussy, and don’t ever let anyone tell you any different!


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about pubes.”


What do you think? What does shaving or not shaving your most personal area mean to you? Let me know in the comments below!

(stay tuned for my next post: In praise of bush)

2 thoughts on “10 reasons you don’t need a brazilian…

  1. Oh my giddy aunt! This is awesome! I’m a hairless wonder, arms, legs, etc. but I’ve been pressures to ladyscape my one place I have hair other than my head. I hate even thinking about trimming up the trim!
    Way to empower the sisters out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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