Bushes or brazilians?



Warning: this is a rude post with adult content. There IS a rude picture in this; for anyone who gets offended easily, or anyone who gets turned off by vaginas with eyes, please look away now. Or read on at your peril!



I thought to myself, today I’m going to write a fun blog post about Bushes Vs. Brazilians. But it’s never that simple.

Thing is, I grow with this blog (no pun intended). And every time I write a little more about hair, a seemingly harmless topic, a milliard of issues, thoughts, fears and judgements come up. I then consider them, turn each over like a stone, and then realise, that I don’t believe any of it, none of them are helping me, and shoot them down.

rumi ... beyond right doing and wrong doing

I think that getting past my worries about what other people think about how I/we style our bodies, is one of the first steps to empowerment. Not shaving because our friends do, or because we are worried of criticism from a guy. But because we can have fun with our bodies.


So, without further ado, here we have it!

Twenty reasons why bushes, and brazilians, are awesome each in their own way.


Girls rockin’ the bush:



1.It saves money on waxing/shaving etc.

2.It saves time.

3.You can dye it!

4. It doesn’t hurt to grow out your bush.

5. It’s empowering – You can embrace your sexuality through growing your pubic hair. And some women feel more confident with a full head of hair.
6. If you grow it out long enough, it looks like seaweed floating in your bathtub.Seaweed-pubes-600x600

7. It feels better during sex. Some say a bit of foliage is a welcome extra bit of stimulation for their clit, men say that they like the feel of the hair, and that when shaved it can be uncomfortable when prickly.

8. It’s in fashion now, probably. Well, depending on who is telling you it is. Celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Jenny McCarthy are supporting the bush. Along with American Apparel, who showed it’s support through using merkins on their window models.

The media does seem to be beginning a trend of claiming that the bush is back. Which means, it probably is, considering how culture tends to be influenced by the media.american_apparel_mannequins

9. It vets for douche-bags

If you get all hot n’ heavy with a guy, and he stops you and complains about your grooming habits, you know he’s a douche-bag.

nb – anyone can state a preference, of course, it’s when a guy EXPECTS a woman to change her body for him that I think there’s a problem. If he loves you and your womanly body, he will deal with however you choose to express yourself. At least, that’s what I believe.

  1. It’s cleaner. Despite what most people seem to believe, it is actually better for your health to have hair. With a full bush you are less likely to contract std’s, because the cuts you get straight after waxing mean herpes etc. is more likely to be contracted and infections are more likely to develop in the tiny wounds we get from waxing or shaving.



Rockin’ the brazilian:

brazilian style


1. It’s ‘clean’ – At least, that’s what you are likely to believe, as many women do feel cleaner when bare. It actually makes no difference, but, if you feel good, isn’t that the whole point?!

2. You don’t get pubic lice when you’ve got no hair!

3. It means you can do this:

eyes bush… when it starts growing back.

4. It feels better during sex. Some women, and men, say they prefer the feel of it – our skin down there is super soft, and so when we ‘bare all’, it can feel super nice.

5. It doesn’t mean you are not a feminist. Simple. You can choose what to do with your own body and still pledge allegiance to supporting girls and women everywhere.

6. It’s freeing. It’s more comfortable for some women, especially when working out. And when feeling the breeze between their legs on a summer’s day!

7. It’s in fashion now, probably. Being bare, a little shaved or well-trimmed is what the majority of women do these days (estimated about 80%). But, honestly, once again, we don’t know most of the time whether it’s truly popular or not, because we don’t get loads of stats on this stuff, (at least, not on a national scale).

8. Oral. Need I say more? (Ok, I will, reports have shown that, the less hair, the more oral you tend to have ;))


9. You’re probably younger – You’re more likely to follow this trend when you are in your twenties, as you grow older, get a long-term boyfriend, or enjoy single nights in on a comfy sofa, you are less likely to keep going ‘whole hog’.

10. It’s empowering – when you enjoy experimenting with your body. It’s your body, and you can choose pretty much any hair style down there that you like.

There are so many different styles, it’s incredible. You can have most things you can think of with a stencil and a professional waxer. These include stars, hearts, and rainbows.

rainbows happy

So there we have it, these were just some fun reasons I found women said they chose to keep their hair or wax it off.

There is a whole deeper argument there about what hair down there says about peer pressure, feminism, how it’s linked to pornography, and trying to look prepubescent. But I just went with expressing the feel-good reasons, because you deserve some feel-good reasons for doing whatever the hell you want with your body.


No pressure here, only love.


“Out beyond thoughts of rightness or wrongness there is a field, or a bush, I will meet you there.”


What do you think? Have you had an experience in either of these two categories, let me know what you think, which do you prefer, and why??! I’d love to know! Comment below!


12 thoughts on “Bushes or brazilians?

  1. BAhahahaha! Those stick on eyes are genius! That’s the closest I ever got to wanting a brazilian 🙂
    What a great blog, thanks for the follow, am returning the complement and look forward to reading more from you x

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