Hairy armpits, dungarees and lesbians


When I first heard about feminism I thought it was all hairy armpits, dungarees and lesbians. That was when I was 22 and had to study it for my degree. Now I am 28 and much different.

After reading just a few pages about what feminism actually is, I was surprised to find that I agreed with some of it. A lot of it.

Just to be clear, when I am talking about it, feminism means wanting equality for both genders, and noting the specific imbalance for women.

I think something important to address for all readers before we go on is what (I believe) a feminist is, or is not.

So, as someone who identifies with the term feminist, I:

  • do not hate men
  • do not hate being a woman
  • am not less sexy than other women who don’t have an interest in gender equality
  • am not aggressively angry all the time
  • do not think you have to have hairy armpits to be a feminist

I do:

  • think men are great
  • also think that being a woman is great (ala Maya Angelou)
  • think make-up could just be a waste of time
  • think it’s attractive to care about women’s rights
  • wish we could find more ways women could have higher self-esteem (see Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk – the power of body language, for one awesome way)
  • wish we got equal pay
  • get confused about culturally what is ok and what is not (adverts, objectification, blurred lines, cooking shows and role models)
  • love to see films directed by women
  • see the gender inequalities that men also face
  • … have hairy armpits right now (but that’s really besides the point).

In conclusion, I think creating human equality is about way more than armpit hair. But it’s a start.


17 thoughts on “Hairy armpits, dungarees and lesbians

  1. Feminism is about having choices.

    There was a time when a women didn’t have the choice of being either conservative or liberal.
    They weren’t allowed to vote, rarely allowed to speak their opinion in public, and rarely received
    an education because they were not expected to work.

    In a such a world there would be no Ann Coulter and no Hillary Clinton.

    And my guess is that is that if a woman wants to stop shaving her pits she can choose to do that now too…:)

    Nice to find your blog. 🙂


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